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Education leads to success.  We, the Broken Bow community, can make this happen.  Given the resources, every student, every teacher, and every school can succeed and prosper.

The Foundation’s vision is to increase educational opportunities for students in Broken Bow Public Schools by collaborating with the school district, local businesses, and individuals in the community who are equally committed to advancing the quality of education in the district.

Broken Bow Public Schools Foundation fund is under the umbrella of the Custer County Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  This fund allows for designated or undesignated charitable tax-deductible contributions to assist the district in meeting financial needs and maintaining quality school programs and facilities.  Contributions to the school foundation are an investment in the students who attend Broken Bow Public Schools.

The Broken Bow Public Schools Foundation is the lead agency for the Little Feet, Big Dreams Capital Fundraising Campaign.  To learn more about this fundraiser click here.
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The Foundation maintains an independent Board of Directors which includes community members, educators, business leaders, parents, and alumni, who set the strategic course for the Foundation.

Darren Tobey-President
Kevin Cooksley-Vice President
Alberta Crawley-Secretary
Pam Holcomb-Board Representative
Dave Birnie
Susan Bristol
Kirk Crawley
Scott Cyboron
Robin Koozer
Norm McCaslin
Michelle Miller
Janice Nozicka
Joyce Richardson
Kim Rowden
Brad White
-Student Representative
-Student Representative
The Broken Bow Public Schools Foundation is looking for people who want to make a difference.  Are you one of them?

To raise funds to enhance the educational experience.  Whether it is helping students with special projects or equipment, providing opportunities for teacher/classroom grants, or funding scholarships to send Broken Bow students to college or vocational training, we believe we can help make our good schools even better.  However, not every worthwhile program or project receives funding.  Thus, we formed the Broken Bow Public Schools Foundation, a nonprofit corporation composed of volunteers from the community, dedicated to raising money to enrich the students in the Broken Bow Schools.  We hope to raise money in a variety of ways including exciting fundraisers and direct appeals for donations.

Convincing each of you to make a donation of time or money to invest in our children’s future.  This adventure will be exciting.  We hope our fundraising events serve as a way to meet our neighbors, build the community, and have some fun.  Working together we can help our children, help our schools, and help ourselves.